diumenge, 8 de novembre del 2015

Our first self-published book

We are proud to announce that after one week we can say that we have published the first volume of a series of books called "One Day Sketching". They are a challenge for us and we hope you enjoy all the things we can show to you drawing just one day as much as we can.

 We started drawing outside but once we got into the exhibition every single object was incredible. Thinking about Egyptians and their history is a bit overwhelming because their society is

Last hours were a bit exhausting. Swasky used her smartphone to listen a bit of music. 

Working in the final layout was the most exciting part, because putting all together, facing each other drawings was a kind of magic. Two points of view and two different drawings.

We are really happy with the cover and the backcover. Once we were drawing that statue with the cows we realized that it should be on the cover.

Number one of a series. It was so exciting and fun that we want to draw more and keep growing with more little books, sharing our experiences and drawings.